Which is The Best Time to Visit Dandeli?

The best time to visit Dandeli is November to May. The weather in Dandeli is pleasant throughout the year but the winter months are especially nice with temperatures perfect for outdoor activities. There are very few storms and atmospheric disturbances to interrupt or inconvenience tourists. December is considered to be the best month to visit Dandeli.

The Best time to visit Dandeli for River Rafting

Confused about best time to visit Dandeli for river rafting? While, river rafting is best enjoyed during the winter months in Dandeli. During the summer month, the water level falls and the dams and reservoirs around the area do not release much water. In the rainy season, the river can be unpredictable and turbulent and therefore only seasoned professions go River Rafting. Therefore, the best time for River Rafting in Dandeli is November to May.

The Best time to visit Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandeli

Tourists flock to the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary all year long but there are special seasons depending on what you are interested in seeing. The spring is best for pretty birds as well as insects and small animals whereas the summer is the best season to visit Dandeli to see some of Dandeli’s bigger beasts.

The Best time to visit Waterfalls in Dandeli The best time to visit Dandeli to see its many waterfalls is the monsoon seasons. The rivers and streams swell up in the rainy season, leading to heavy, gushing waterfalls and deep pools. In the summer and winter months, the water levels are lower and water is withheld in the dams and reservoirs in Dandeli.

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