Dandeli Birthday Party Venues: Find the Perfect Place to Celebrate

Birthday parties are back in vogue. Once considered boring, self indulgent and reserved for little kids, everyone is celebrating their birthday nowadays with a renewed vigor. In fact, after destination Weddings, Destination Birthdays are the next big thing with people reserving luxurious resorts in exotic places for their close friends and family for a birthday trip that everyone will remember for a long time to come.

Destination Birthdays give you the privacy and seclusion to enjoy your special day in the way you want and surrounded by the people you want near you. These are also lavish affairs that allow the birthday boy or girl and their guests to indulge in fun games and activities that are hard to organize in the city. Lets take a closer look at Destination Birthday Parties, the advantages they offer and the best resorts to host them.

What are Destination Birthday Parties?

What makes birthdays so much fun and so special is that they are essentially a celebration of one person. They are not a celebration of a relationship like engagements, weddings, or anniversaries nor do they mark an occasion like a Diwali party or a Holi party. Instead, they celebrate a single human being with all their faults and qualities, which make it a more interesting and engaging event.

And why not? Everyone deserves to be put on a pedestal, at least once a year, on their birthday. Instead of wasting time on expensive restaurants in the city for boring dinners that nobody enjoys, it is much better to organize a short trip out of town where you can mark the occasion in style and create memories that last a lifetime. Thus, the Destination Birthday Party is proving to be a popular option.

Where to go for a birthday party?

The traditional way to celebrate your birthday was to have a party or get together at your home. However, this is becoming less and less common as most people don’t have the time or staff to organize elaborate affairs at home. Also, many people are reticent to call strangers or mere acquaintances to their residence as this can lead to inconveniences and impositions that they don’t want to deal with.

Another popular way to celebrate your birthday is to take your friends out to dinner or to lunch at a nice restaurant. Many restaurants offer special packages ranging from a preset menu at a special table to a special section here you and guests can be pampered. You can order a la carte or request a customized selection based on your preferences along with a birthday cake. However, at most fancy restaurants, these dinner parties can be exorbitant with sky-high prices for cocktails and drinks.

Thus, the best option is to head out of town for a memorable night or weekend that will remain etched in everyone’s memory forever. This gives the whole group a chance to go on a mini-vacation and to enjoy themselves fully without having to worry about interruptions and hassles from everyday life back home. Away from their botherations and chores, groups end up having a gala time that is worth the effort and cost.

The trip also allows all your friends to intermingle and get to know each other. At an awkward dinner, people exchange mainly pleasantries and perfunctory lines but on a vacation, when people live together and spend large quantities of time with each other, they can feel a kinship that is both sudden and heartfelt. In the long run, this allows you to organize social gatherings that are enjoyable for everyone.

Celebrating in Dandeli

One great place that is fun for everyone is Dandeli. This is a popular and exciting tourist town in Karnataka that is known for its adventure sports, natural beauty and thick jungles that are home to one of the biggest and most popular wildlife sanctuaries in India. In Dandeli, one is always surrounded by beautiful views and a safari vibe that is very conducive to large group-celebrations.

Birthday Party Venue in Dandeli

The resorts in Dandeli are also very reasonably priced and have special rates for groups. This is because Dandeli hosts many large groups from Mumbai and Bangalore who come here to party and to spend time in the natural world. Therefore, there is an active and vibrant culture here of bonfires, group hikes, group activities, white water rafting and adventure sports.

If you decide to host your birthday celebration in Dandeli, you will have no problem finding a suitable resort. One well-known property that is favored by families and groups alike is the Starling Resort located on the banks of the River Kali. This resort offers a number of interesting accommodations such as tents, independent cottages, family rooms and dormitories to suit all kinds of travellers. They are also very good at organizing excursions, events and tours that are sure to make every guest comfortable and any birthday celebration a roaring success.

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