New Year Party in Dandeli

Celebrate the New Year in Dandeli, Karnataka, with a variety of exciting and fun activities.

Planning to celebrate the New Year Party in Dandeli? Then you are choosing the right option! Dandeli is becoming increasingly popular among adventurous souls due to its many exciting activities and one of the best resorts to stay in.

Here are a few adventure activities you can do in Dandeli:

  • Water Zorbing

One of the most popular water sports on the Kali River is water zorbing.It is a sizable ball that you can use to run, leap, and move around on the water’s surface. It takes roughly 10 minutes to do this activity. Enjoy yourself by getting comfortable in a zorb ball.As fun as it may sound, it’s actually fun to bounce inside the zorb. It is definitely a fun and relaxing activity to experience. The cost of water zorbing is approximately INR 500 per person.

  • Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the best pastimes you can have in Dandeli. The Kali River, which includes both stretches of calm water and rapids, has made this a popular pastime in the area. Choose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and take an hour-long kayaking trip. The activity costs just INR 300-350 per person, and that’s not a bad deal for an hour of adventure!

  • Mountain Biking

Going for a mountain bike trip is one of the fun things to do in Dandeli. This ultimate outdoor adventure will have you riding a mountain bike across the area’s rocky terrain that is covered in rich vegetation. Mountain biking leans slightly more towards proper adventure, so make sure you know how to ride and have all the gear on you to fully enjoy the activity. It costs around INR 1000 per person for this activity.

These are just a few ideas; the real fun for your New Year’s Eve celebrations can be had even in your resort. And there is simply no better option than the Starling River Resort.

Starling River Resort

Dandeli is untainted by urbanisation and removed from the crowds. Many of nature’s most beautiful features, fiercest creatures, and most thrilling adventures are just waiting to be discovered in this enchanting, mystical world of rivers and mountains. We cordially invite you to come see this paradise for yourself. We are prepared for you to arrive whenever you choose. Out of all the facilities in Dandeli, Starling River Resort has the biggest selection of rooms that are cosy, affordable, and embody the warm friendliness that is unique to this particularly special area.

The resort features such amenities that you literally have no reason to step outside. Your New Year’s plans are all sorted at the Starling River Resort. Infinity pool, zip lining, and nature walks are just a few of the many things you can experience this New Year.

You’re invited to a wild 31st night at Dandeli’s Jungle Affair by #StarlingRiverResort.

Choose your best attire and enjoy the final night of the year by the river. Refresh your senses and #FeelAliveAtDandeli.

For just Rs. 2499, you can book your share of fun for this New Year!

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