Zipline in Dandeli

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How popular is ziplining?

Ziplining started as a necessity for people living in mountainous regions. They used this process to save time and energy while travelling downhill. Since then, it has become a popular recreational sport all over the world. Various clubs, groups, and organisations have also sprung up to promote the sport and provide information and advice to its members.
The sport is very popular in Costa Rica, where it is called “canopy tours.” With ziplining, tourists can travel above the thick, inaccessible forests of Costa Rica and get a good view of the scenery below without having to travel through the thick forest. Besides Costa Rica, ziplining is also very popular in Australia, America, South Africa, and Brazil.

What safety precautions should we take while ziplining?

One should never forget that ziplining is a serious sport and requires us to take all safety precautions. Accidents are rare, but they have happened in the past, and enthusiasts should take every precaution to ensure their safety and the safety of their fellow zipliners.

The basic safety of the sport depends on the line being secured at both ends and the cable being strong enough to take the load. If the line is anchored correctly and is not damaged, little can go wrong. To increase safety, one can opt for a second security line that will hold the passenger in place if the primary line snaps.

Zipline cables don’t usually snap because they are made of many smaller, intertwined metal cables that are tied together. Even if one of the smaller cables snaps, the overall cable will still carry the load. Besides the cable, one also has to ensure that the harness and attaching mechanism are safe and functioning correctly.

There are a lot of resorts in Dandeli that offer ziplining. One in particular is the Starling River Resort in Dandeli. This is a wonderfully comfortable resort that is popular amongst students, large groups, and true adventure seekers.

At Starling River Resort, one can engage in serious ziplining and learn the subtler aspects of the sport from experienced guides and teachers. Once you become familiar with the equipment, learn the physics behind it, and gain some experience and practice, you can zipline anywhere.

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