Dandeli Resorts Package Prices

Tips on Getting the Best Package

Travellers to Karnataka will be surprised to know Dandeli Resort’s Package Prices. Although Dandeli is perceived to be an exotic location with luxurious resorts, there are many packages and offers that are heavily discounted and tailor-made for specific groups.

At the Starling River Resort, one of Dandeli’s best resorts, travellers can now get all-inclusive package deals that cover food, lodging, travel and activities. Depending on the activity you are interested in, hotels like Starling have the right package for your budget and needs.

Different types of Dandeli resort packages include:

-Family Packages

-Couple / Honeymoon Packages

-Activity Based Packages

-Group Packages

-Room Packages

Family, couple and group packages are designed for the type of vacation that these groups are looking for. The resort knows what is expected from their guests and designs experiences and amenities with these specific needs in mind.

Travellers who know exactly what they want will also find it easy to choose a package that fulfills their criteria. For example, if you are going to Dandeli for River Rafting, you can tell this to the hotel and get prices for packages in Dandeli that cover River Rafting tours, accommodations close to the venue and equipment rental costs.

Besides River Rafting, there are a lot of other activities that one can engage in, both inside the resort and outside its walls. Within the resort, guests can participate in zip Lining, Nature Walking, Swimming and Yoga while outside the resort, guests can go for Jungle Safari, River Crossing, Kayaking and Canoeing.

Travellers going there in large groups will benefit greatly in numbers. Most hotels like large groups as they help vacancy and makes group activities more fun. For schools and colleges, some resorts offer a special “educational discount.

Travellers who are not flexible in their dates of travel can check for packages that are available on their pre-determined dates. They may not get exactly what they want but with a little bit of research, they can find one that suits their needs and travel dates.

The availability of these packages depends on many factors and tends to change on a weekly and even daily basis. To know more, visitors should contact their hotel of preference and find out exactly they have to offer. Travellers who are flexible with their dates of travel will find it easier to avail of them. Overall, hotels offer packages on dates when they have a dip in demand for room bookings and activities. By coordinating with the hotel, travellers can capitalize on these low volume days to maximize the utility they receive. Surprisingly, there are many such days, even in the on-season and during events. Travellers simply have to align their needs with that of the hotel. The rest is up to good luck.

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