Dandeli Resort’s Packages for Friends

The old adage “The more the merrier” is truest when applied to traveling. Nothing is more fun than friends going on a vacation together in a big group and doing activities, sharing experiences and combining resources.

Traveling together can also be a challenge. Now, many resorts are reaching out to groups and designing special packages for them. In particular, Dandeli resort’s packages for friends are designed to attract groups of friends to come to Dandeli and experience this unique natural wonderland together.

There are already a number of resorts in Dandeli that offer special packages for friends. Chief among them is the Starling River Resort, long considered a classic and The Century Resort, also very popular with tourists. These resorts have specially designed accommodations and arrangements that ensure that large groups are comfortable and get the most out of their vacation.

Group-friendly resorts often provide special allowances for groups. Some organize special events at their restaurants or common areas exclusively for a particular group or organize activities where large groups can participate together and don’t get divided into smaller sub group.

For those who come to Dandeli for a specific purpose, resorts can go a long way in entertaining special requests. If, for example, a particular party wants to do things differently or upgrade certain amenities to suit members, it becomes feasible for the resort to manage it as opposed to a request by a single guest.

Its time that groups began using their numbers and collective bargaining power to get the most out of their vacation. They should research about which resorts offer these special facilities and reach out to them to organize their next vacation. For visitors coming to Dandeli, there are surely many places that will give them an experience worth remembering!

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