A Guide to Moulangi Eco Park: Discovering the Beauty of Nature

If you like spending time by the riverside, one of the best and most charming places to visit in Dandeli is Moulangi Eco Park. This is a specially protected park on the riverbank that is surrounded by lush forests and landscaped to include a children’s play area and many other activities such as ziplining, boating, etc.

The park was built as an effort to protect the banks of the River Kali from encroachment, pollution and destruction. It seeks to demonstrate how beautiful spots can be preserved and shared as community space. To that effect, the park deploys and demonstrates some interesting ways to care for the environment and be ecologically responsible in our outlook.

Why visit Moulangi Eco Park

Besides being a pretty spot, Moulangi Eco Park also offers a learning opportunity, especially for children. It is an apt place to stop for a picnic, to get a bite to eat, relax and let your children run free. Amidst beautiful views of the river, children can play by the swings, explore the park and engage in various activities.

A visit to an Ecological Park is a welcome shift in perspective. It helps us think about nature in a nurturing way instead of looking at it as something to exploit and use. All around the park, you will see examples, some big and some small, of how we can better deal with nature and allow it to blossom instead of damaging it with out careless ways.

The park is also a well-known tourist and cultural hot spot, which is known as one of the main attractions of Dandeli. It is worth it just to see what the fuss is about and to tick it off from your Dandeli checklist. If you decide to visit, you may be pleasantly surprised because there are some interesting seasonal activities that are organized here which can be very interesting.

How to visit

Moulangi Eco Park is located quite close to Dandeli City Center and can be reached in about 15 minutes. You can drive there along Moulangi Road or take a bus. Here are some basic information about visiting the Park:

Moulangi Eco Park Open Days: All days of the week

Moulangi Eco Park Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

Moulangi Eco Park Tickets: Available at the entrance

Moulangi Eco Park Entrance Fee: Rs. 20 for Indian Nationals


Where to stay

The best place to stay in Dandeli when visiting the Moulangi National Park is the Starling River Resort. It is located at the edge of the forests and next to the Kali River, thus providing easy access to the Eco Park and other tourist hot spots in the area.

The Starling River Resort has a central location, comfortable rooms, great service and amazing food. It specializes in hosting groups and helping them organize excursions and outings into the forest for Wildlife Safari, adventure sports, nature walks, outdoor camping and more. If you are a nature lover, this is the ideal place to stay!


Frequently asked Questions


Q 1. What is Moulangi Eco Park, and what are its main features and attractions for visitors?

Ans. Moulangi Ecological Park is a special protected park that offers adventure sports, picnic areas and a working model of an ecologically responsible public park for visitors. It offers various activities like outdoor sculptures, ziplining, boating etc.

Q 2. How has the park been designed and developed to promote environmental conservation, and what are the initiatives and activities that are undertaken to preserve the local flora and fauna?

Ans. Moulangi Eco Park is designed and developed to promote environmental conservation. It does so by protecting the local flora and fauna, disposing of waste responsibly, not encroaching on sensitive areas and providing employment and generating income.

Q 3.What are the adventure and leisure options available at Moulangi Eco Park, such as trekking, camping, bird watching, or photography, and how are they managed to minimize the impact on the environment?

Ans. The adventure and leisure options available at Moulangi Eco Park include trekking, camping, bird watching, photography and more. The park makes every effort to conduct these activities in a way that is responsible, sustainable and minimizes the impact of human activities on the environment.

Q 4.How does Moulangi Eco Park contribute to the local economy and community development, and what are the employment opportunities and income-generating activities associated with the park?

Ans. Moulangi Eco Park contributes to the local economy and community development by creating employment opportunities and income generation. It does so by operating various adventure sports at the park, which generate income and provide opportunity for many local workers.

Q 5.How can visitors to Moulangi Eco Park engage in responsible tourism practices, such as waste management, conservation education, and community engagement, and what are the benefits of doing so?

Ans. Visitors to Moulangi Eco park can engage in responsible tourism by learning about waste management, conversation education and helping in community engagement. They can also see a working model or example of how to put these ecological theories into practice.



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