Escape to Serenity: Unwinding at Weekend Resorts near Hubli

Hubli is a beautiful travel destination in Karnataka. It is an ancient city that developed early because of its many forest-related industries and as a trading post. Today, it is one of the main commercial centers of Karnataka and offers some truly amazing experiences for visitors.


Why visit Hubli, Karnataka?


Hubli is officially called “Hubballi.” The name derives from the Kannada “Hoovina Balli” which means “Flowering Creeper,” a kind of plant that grows naturally in the wild here. The old part of town or Old Hubli is also called “Rayara Hubli,” “Purbali” or “Eleya Purvada Halli” and is a very ancient settlement.

According to an inscription found at the Bhavani Shankar Temple, Old Hubli was founded in the eleventh century. However, the origins of this settlement could be even older. Therefore, there are a lot of old temples and monuments here that are worth checking out.

Many of these temples were made in medieval times and are very beautiful because of their intricate carvings and innovative architecture. The most famous of these temples are probably the Bhavani Shankar Temple and the Chandramouleshwar Temple, which are stunning to see and delightful to experience.

Besides temples, there are also a number of museums, monuments and parks in Hubli that are very interesting to visit. The best amongst them are the Sadhankeri Park, Indira Glass House, Utsav Rock Garden, Agadi Thota and Nrupatunga Betta.

Hubli is also the twin city of Dharawad. Together these two cities are sometimes called Hubli-Dharawad and house an impressive number of government and administrative offices. Together, they are fast becoming the administrative, industrial, automotive and educational hub of Karnataka.


How to get there?


Getting to Hubli is fairly easy. Hubli has four Train Stations and one Railway Junction. It also has an airport, excellent bus services and good roads that connect it to nearby cities and highways. This makes it an easy city to get in and out of for tourists.

Hubli Airport (IATA: HBX) is impressive facility located close to the city center. It is currently a domestic airport but efforts are underway to make it an international airport to give foreign tourists easy access tot his important city.

There are also several important highways near Hubli. Asian Highway 47 passes through the city and it lies on National Highway 63 (Ankola–Gooty) and National Highway 218 (Hubli–Humnabad). Visitors can thus drive to Hubli and also visit nearby towns and places by road.


Where to Stay


While Hubli has become quite congested and commercialized, there are a number of places around it that are nestled in the legendary natural beauty of Karnataka. With thick forests and a rich biodiversity all around the city, it may make more sense to stay in the outskirts instead of near the city center.

Dandeli is a very pretty place near Hubli that offers a number of interesting activities to do and things to see. It is located amidst the lush forests of Karnataka and next to several protected Wildlife Sanctuaries. Here, visitors can go on Wildlife Safari, engage in watersports such as River Rafting and check out waterfalls, hills and streams.

One of the best places to stay near Hubli is the Starling River Resort in Dandeli. This is a tried and tested resort in Dandeli that has been the standard for nature lovers, adventure sport enthusiasts and vacationers for a long time now. If you are looking to stay at the best resort near Hubli, Starling is your best bet.

The Starling Resort offers a variety of accommodations including dormitories, deluxe rooms, cottages and tents. It also serves some impressive local and international delicacies at its famous River Deck Restaurant and helps guests organize excursions and adventure activities in Dandeli.

So the next time you visit Hubli, take a few days to explore the city but also reserve a day or two to explore the amazing lush green forests of Karnataka. In the tourist town of Dandeli, you will be surprised at what you may find.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 Which are the Popular Resorts in Hubli?

Ans. One of the best and most popular resorts in and around Hubli is the Starling River Resort in Dandeli. This is a long-standing and popular resort frequented by nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and vacationers from all over the world.

Q2 What are the facilities available in Resorts in Hubli?

Ans. Resorts in and around Hubli have most of the standard facilities found at world-class resorts such as swimming pools, in-room dining, 24-hour room service, 24-hour help desk, tented accommodations, venues for events, free WiFi etc.

Q3 Which are the popular luxury resorts in Hubli?

Ans. One of the most popular luxury resorts in Hubli is the Starling River Resort in Dandeli.

Q4 Is there anything nearby Hubli that I can visit?

Ans. There are many interesting tourist destinations in and around Hubli including Dandeli, a tourist destination with many adventure activities and wildlife sanctuaries.


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