Dandeli Water Sports

Dandeli has long been a popular tourist destination for wildlife safari but now Dandeli water sports have developed a fan following of their own.

Many people travel to Dandeli, Karnataka to visit the Wildlife Sanctuary, where one can observe Panthers, Tigers, Elephants, Deer, exotic birds and many other animals in their natural habitat.

But of late, visitors are spending more and more time at the resort, staying in exotic rooms like tree houses and tents while getting more and more serious about the different kinds of water sports that are popular here.

In Dandeli, visitors can engage in River Rafting, Kayaking, Riverside Hiking, Jet Skiing, Boating, Zorbing, Swimming and River Crossing. These sports are popular in other places but the sheer natural beauty and tranquility of Dandeli is a perfect setting for these activities.

For example Rafting can be done at many other places but River Rafting in Dandeli on the river Kali affords beautiful views of the thick forests of the area and the chance to spot some big game. The flowing and clear waters of the Kali River and other rivers and streams here form naturally exciting stretches for fast and slow rides alike.


Besides Rafting, many visitors also like Kayaking in Dandeli. This is a wonderful sport, which builds upper body strength and can be done alone so individuals can wander off and discover new places by themselves. For those, you love solitude, Kayaking the majestic Kali river can be a fun activity.

For those who love the river but are afraid to get wet, there are a lot of riverside trails, which are perfect for hiking. Riverside hikes are very rewarding because many of the interesting creatures found in the forest come to the river to drink water and can be best observed on the banks of the river.

Riverside hiking in Dandeli may involve crossing some small streams and navigating wetlands but enthusiasts can also learn how to cross rivers. This is a subtle art that involves tying a line to the other side and then helping your party and their luggage across the river.

For those looking for a rush, Jet Skiing in Dandeli packs quite a punch. Zoom around on water scooters and learn to use these nimble machines around corners and into inlets. The skills you pick up will last a lifetime and there is very little risk because you if you fall, you will fall on water, not concrete.

Besides these high-octane activities, one can also go in for the standard boat ride or for a dip in the river. Besides rivers and streams, there are also many reservoirs and pools made by waterfalls, where one can swim in the mineral-rich waters of the district. Overall, people now have another reason to visit Dandeli besides going on Safari. We hope that the subculture of water sports continues to develop here and leads to fun and exciting times for all!

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