Bangalore to Dandeli Trip: Midway Stops and Things to Do

Bangalore is a fun city but sometimes, you just have to get out. One of the best things to do in that situation is to plan a Bangalore to Dandeli Road Trip to refresh your spirit and placate the senses. Here’s how:


Bored In Bangalore

Everyone talks about how much fun Bangalore is, how young its population is and the prevalence of “Pub Culture.” But if you have lived in Bangalore, you know that sometimes it gets on your nerves. After all, there is something called “too much of a good thing.” The unique and heady lifestyle in India’s Silicon Valley is known to get a bit trying and therefore warrants an escape.

Escaping Bangalore for a few days gives you a wider perspective and perhaps a deeper appreciation of what the city has and does not have. The healthiest thing to do is to take one or two road trips every year that allow you recharge your battery, get out of the city and spend quality time with quality people.


Driving to Dandeli

If you are planning or wish-listing a road trip to Dandeli, there are few things you must know. First of all, the best time to visit Dandeli is between October to February. You can go there all year around but the summers and the monsoon season require some preparations as some activities may be closed.

Secondly, there are two different ways to get to Dandeli from Bangalore. The first route goes through Bangalore, Shimgoa Road, Tumkur Road and Kalaghatgi while the second route goes through Bangalore, Hyderabad Highway and Srinagar Highway.

Route 1 is recommended because it is faster and better. Also along this route, you will come across some interesting sights and spots that are worth checking out. These include Siddhaganga, Sira Lake, Eshwara Temple, Sathodi Falls and Nrupatunga Hill.


Highway Halts

The journey from Bangalore to Dandeli is desirable because it takes you through some heavily forested areas, water bodies and geographic phenomenon chock-full of natural beauty. There are also many animals and birds that you may be able to spot.

The best part about Road Trips is that you can travel slow as per your mood and stop whenever you want. While there are many small spots that are hard to describe and tough to find, here is a list of some important halts:


Siddhaganga – This is a famous temple and school where devotees and pilgrims can get free food and learn about the history and culture of the region.


Sira Lake – This is a beautiful Lake worth checking out for a few clicks and to get some quiet time for reflection and meditation.


Eshwara Temple  – Also called the Ishware Temple, this is an important 13th century temple dedicated to lord Shiva.


Sathodi Falls – This is a beautiful waterfall where one can go for a picnic, go swimming or check out the bird sanctuary nearby.


Nrupatunga Hill – This is a picturesque hillock that has been developed into a tourist spot along with a children’s park and great views.


Fun in the Forests

Once you reach Dandeli, all your road rage and fatigue will fade away. This little hamlet is very pretty and surrounded by lush forests that house a rich biodiversity. The majestic Kali River is also very impressive and creates a number of waterfalls, rapids and reservoirs here that will surely refresh your spirit.


Stay at Starling


Once you arrive, you will have many options for good resorts in Dandeli. One of the best places to stay here, especially if you are on a road trip with friends is the Starling River Resort. This is a well-known and well-respected resort that provides everything needed for a successful trip.

The resort has comfortable accommodations of every type, a great restaurant called The River Deck and helpful staff that will help tailor your experience as per your needs and preferences. They will help you arrange your Wildlife Safari and other sports activities such as River Rafting, Trekking, Camping, etc.

Bangalore to Dandeli Trip


                                                              Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How can we go from Bangalore to Dandeli?

Ans. The best way to travel from Bangalore to Dandeli is by car. The distance is only 460 Kms, which can be easily covered in about 9 hours.

Q2. How is Dandeli road from Bangalore?

Ans. The road from Bangalore to Dandeli is overall quite good but it does have some bad patches and bumps along the way.

Q3. How much does it cost to go from Bangalore to Dandeli?

Ans. A bus Ticket for a trip from Bangalore to Dandeli costs approximately Rs. 600 to Rs. 800 per person.

Q4. Where can I stay in Dandeli while traveling from Bangalore?

Ans. The best place to stay in Dandeli is the Starling River Resort next to the Kali River. The resort as a great swimming pool, interesting accommodations and a great restaurant called The River Deck.

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