Escape to Serenity: Best Resorts near Belgaum for a Relaxing Getaway

If you are looking for a place that offers natural beauty, peace and serenity, Karnataka is the place to go. Hemmed in by the Western Ghats, cocooned by an ancient culture and blanketed by thick lush forests, it is the best place to enjoy a few days of quiet time by yourself or with others.

Specifically, Belgaum in Karnataka offers one of the most restful environments for a nature retreat along with a rich history and culture that will keep you engaged and interested. The entire region around Belgaum is very beautiful and famous for its forests and wildlife, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing getaway.

About Belgaum

Belgaum, also called Belgavi is a beautiful city in northern Karnataka, next to the Western Ghats. It is an ancient city that is said to have been founded in the late 12th century. The ancient name of the city was “Venugram,” a Sanskrit word that means “Village of Bamboo.” This is because the city is covered by bamboo groves, giving it a unique and distinct look and feel.

Modern day Belgaum is a big and important city. In fact, it is considered to be the second most important city in Karnataka after Bangalore and is a hub of business and government offices. It lies near Goa to the west and Maharashtra in the north, making it a cross roads of trade and transportation.

Belgaum is dotted with churches and temples and the old part of the city houses indigenous cotton and silk weavers whose craft has been honed for centuries and whose produce is still respected and desired by garment manufacturers all over India and the world. Besides this, there is a lot more to see and do here, including an evolved cuisine and an active social circuit.

How to reach Belgaum

One can get to Belgaum easily by air, road and rail. Belgaum Airport is located in Sambra, about 10 Kms from the city. Belgaum is also well connected by road as National Highway 4 and 4A connect it to major destinations on all sides. Belgaum is also well connected by rail. The Belgaum Railway Station is a part of India’s South Western Railways and connects it to all major cities.

What to do in Belgaum

There are so many things to do and places to see in Belgaum that you will not get bored here even if you visit the place for a long stay. Here are some of the top choices:

Old Stone Fort: The oldest fort in the region, it is said to have been built by the Ratta Dynasty but could be much older. The fort was successively rebuilt and renovated many times over by later rulers and was used by the British to imprison Mahatma Gandhi ji during the freedom struggle.

Kamal Basti: A revered Jain temple located inside the old fort, this is the center of Belgaum in many ways. The temple features a black Neminath Idol and a beautifully carved and expertly executed lotus roof made in the classical style also called “Mukhamantapa.”

Kapileshwar Temple: This is also a very ancient temple that has been dubbed “Dakshin Kashi” by devotees. It is devoted to lord Shiva and built around a perfect shiv-ling that is said to be a natural formation. The temple also features dioramas depicting ancient sacred texts.

Maruti Temple: This is one of the oldest and best-known temples in Belgaum. Located in Maruti Galli, the temple houses a mysterious idol that was located inside the old fort but was ordered out by the British. Local devotees laid it here, which initiated a temple.

Gokak Falls: This is a famous waterfall known for its natural beauty. Located about 60 Kms from Belgaum City, this waterfall allows the Ghataprapha River to fall from 52 meters, creating a beautiful horseshoe-shaped waterfall that is popular with tourists and locals alike.


Where to stay near Belgaum

If you are visiting the area and looking for resorts in Belgaum, the best pace to stay is the Century Resort, located in nearby Dandeli. This is a tried and tested resort that has long been the gold standard of where to stay in Karnataka for nature lovers, adventure sports enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.

Considered to be one of the best resorts in Dandeli, the Century Resort offers a number of interesting accommodations including suites, family rooms, tents, dormitories and more. It also offers a number of activities for nature lovers and adrenalin junkies. All in all, if you are looking for peace, solace and an elevated state of consciousness, this resort will help you attain it.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q 1.What are the top-rated resorts near Belgaum that offer luxurious amenities and scenic views?

Ans. One of the best-rated resorts near Belgaum is the Starling River Resort in Dandeli. This is an exquisite resort located in the lap of nature and fitted wit all the latest in luxuries and creature comforts. It also spots scenic views and lush forests nearby.

Q 2. Are there any affordable resorts near Belgaum that are suitable for families with kids?

Ans. One resort that is affordable and suitable for families with children is the Century Resort in Dandeli. This is a family friendly resort that offers a lot for children so that they are occupied and do not get bored. Children will also learn a lot about nature and revel in the natural beauty of the place.

Q 3. What are some of the popular outdoor activities available at resorts near Belgaum?

Ans. There are a lot of outdoor activities offered by resorts near Belgaum including River Rafting, Kayaking, Hiking, Trekking, Wildlife Safari, Paragliding and more.

Q 4. Can you recommend a resort near Belgaum that has a spa and wellness center?

Ans. Yes. The Century Resort is a great resort in Dandeli, near Belgaum that has an in-house spa and wellness center. It offers a number of wellness services such as Aryurveda Massage, Skin Treatments and Salon Services.

Q 5. What are the nearby attractions to the resorts near Belgaum that are worth visiting?

Ans. Some attractions in and around Belgaum include adventure activities and wildlife safari in Dandeli, Old Stone Fort, Kamal Basti, Kapileshwar Temple, Maruti Temple, Gokak Falls and more.


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