Explore Tourist Places near Hubli

Karnataka is vastly underrated when it comes to tourism. It is known for its great cities, ancient temples and beautiful beaches but there is a lot more to Karnataka. There are many other destinations here that are hidden from mainstream discourse. If you happen to visit Karnataka, you should visit the city of Hubli as around this area, you will find a number of amazing tourist destinations and temple towns that will leave you impressed and enchanted.

Tourist spots near Hubli

Tourists come to Hubli because it forms a convenient hub for travellers and pilgrims alike with convenient infrastructure and transportation to the many temple towns, nature reserves and tourist hotspots located nearby. From Hubli one can take a cab, bus or train and visit these places whenever convenient. If you have your own car, you cam drive around and discover the area for yourself. Lets take a look at some of the most famous tourist places round Hubli:

Mirjan Fort: A massive and beautiful fort built over 10 acres, the Mirjan Fort is located close to Gokarna and is a must visit monument if you are in the vicinity. The fort is surrounded by a wide moat and has impressive walls and turrets for defense against invaders. The stairway leading into the Fort is especially impressive and the structure is said to be at least 600 years old.

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary: If you like being in an open, green and pristine environment and are interested in spotting rare and beautiful birds, the Gudavi Bird sanctuary is for you. Only a sort trip from Hubli you can come here for a day trip or overnight journey and go back contented. Even if you are not an avid border, you will like the area as it is very pretty and has interesting natural formations.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary: One of the most beautiful and famous wildlife sanctuaries in India, the forests in Dandeli are extremely rich with life due to the unusual geography found here. The Western Ghats trap moisture coming from the seas and provides plenty of rainfall so that all forms of life thrive here. The Kali River provides plenty of mineral rich soil and irrigation so that that the soil is fertile and also allows opportunity for water sports.

Murudeshwar: Murudeshwar has the second tallest statue of lord Shiva and the tallest temple tower in India. It is a great pilgrimage city and welcomes thousands of pilgrims everyday who come here to pray to Lord Shiva. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides and is well worth visiting if you are in Hubli. Located only 200 Kms. from Hubli, one can easily get here by train or by car.

Kolhapur: Famous for its Kolhapuri slippers and other beautiful accessories made in the characteristic regional style, this town is worth visiting for many reasons. It is located on the banks of the Panchganga River and has some interesting places for tourists to explore. The city is home to some of the biggest and best wrestling training centers in India and also has an impressive cuisine that must be sampled.

Badami: Famous for its cave temples dating all the way back to the 6th century, Badami is yet another pilgrimage place in Karnataka that is fascinating to visit. It has an interesting geography as it is located on a huge red sandstone rock formation and the intricate carving done on stone by the early settlers is particularly impressive. Located only about 100 Kms from Hubli, this is an ideal place to visit during your visit to the area.

Aihole: Located about 130 Kms from Hubli, Aihole is a famous and internationally protected temple town that is recognized by UNESCO as culturally important World Heritage Site. It has over 125 temples constructed around the 5th century and also has an archaeology museum where visitors can learn more about the ancient civilization that flourished here in prehistoric times.

Where to Stay

If you are visiting Hubli and thinking of staying at a nearby tourist destination, Dandeli is the best option. This is a lush green natural paradise that is a pleasure to be in but also offers many wonderful opportunities for every type of visitor. From the highly popular wildlife sanctuary to white water rafting and from high mountains to deep waterfalls, this place is a haven for nature lovers and adventurists.

Tourist places near Hubli

If you decide to visit Dandeli, the Starling Resort is the best place to stay. A well known, tried and tested abode, the Starling Resort offers comfortable rooms and great service for guests who come here for adventure. The food here is also very good and the staff is very helpful and informative if you want to learn more about the place or have any specific requirements.



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