Black Panther in Dandeli

A guide to spot a Black Panther in Dandeli.

One of the most wild and a beautiful creature is the magnificent Black Panther in Dandeli. Sleek, slender and shiny, it is amongst nature’s most powerful predators and has a captivating look. To see this majestic animal in the wild, in its own habitat is an experience like no other.

Where to spot

Although Black Panthers are very rare to find, but it is possible to spot one in the forests of the Western Ghats. Tourists have spotted Black Panthers in Dandeli and experts believe that there are about 10 such animals roaming in the wild forests of Karnataka.

Around Dandeli, there are several protected forests such as the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Park. These are the best areas where one can hope to spot the elusive Black Panther in Dandeli forests.

Wildlife Safari in Dandeli

Dandeli has an active culture of Wildlife Safaris and many resorts here organize Safari Rides in Jeeps for guests. If you are interested in spotting a Black Panther, going on safari in one of the protected forests is your best bet.

However, it is not guaranteed that guests will definitely see a Black Panther. The animal is famous for keeping itself hidden and staying away from humans. Therefore, one trip may not be enough and repeated trips along with some research may be required if you want to spot this beauty in the jungles.

When it comes to spotting wild game, the trick is perseverance and patience. Just like hunters of olden times, modern day game watchers, naturalists and photographers must be patient.

What to do when you see a Black Panther

If you are lucky enough to spot a Black Panther, one should not get too excited. Making loud noises or sudden movements will surely scare away the animal. Also, one should not attempt to venture too close to the animal. Although panthers do not usually attack humans, they can attack if they feel threatened.

The best thing to do is to whip out your camera and try to get some clear shots of the animal. Instead of moving around, one should adjust the zoom in and try to get pictures. This will surely be one of the best memories one can have from a safari trip.

Where to stay

There are several good resorts in Dandeli. Amongst the best is the Starling River Resort, which is popular amongst adventure seekers, serious naturalists and large groups. The resort is well staffed and very accommodating to guest’s needs and requirements.

If you are visiting Dandeli for Wildlife Safari, the resort will provide you with the proper information on the ground and even help in organizing the itinerary for you. As safari trips usually take place in the morning and evening, they will book it for you and help you with the transport to the gates of the sanctuary or the point where the jeep picks you up.

If you are really excited to book this trip then I wish you all Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Where are black panthers found in Dandeli?

Ans. Black Panther can be found in the Wildlife sanctuaries near Dandeli such as: Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Park


Q2. How many black panthers are there in Dandeli?

Ans. Experts guess that there are around 10 Black Panthers in the forests of Karnataka in the Western Ghats of India.

Q3. Are black panthers found in Karnataka?

Ans. Yes. Several Black Panthers have been spotted in Karnataka and experts believe that there are more such animals in the jungle.


Q4. Which is the best time to spot a black panther in Dandeli? 

Ans. The best time of the year when it is likely to spot a Black Panther in the wild is between January and April. The best time during the day is at dusk or at dawn.

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