Weekend Getaway from Bangalore

Bangalore is an amazing city but like any big metropolis, sometimes you just need a break. This is why more and more people are escaping Bangalore on weekends and going to nature retreats where they can explore and indulge in adventures. With great roads and many amazing places within driving distance, a weekend getaway from Bangalore can truly do wonders for your body, mind and soul.

So this weekend or the weekend after next, decide to make time for yourself and plan to elope to a peaceful and interesting place. Simply pack a small bag, get in the driver’s seat and awaken the traveller in you. You can decide to take someone to take along with you or you can travel by yourself for a healing and restful introspection in a beautiful setting.

Luxury Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

There are many exciting and engaging places of interest near Bangalore that are perfect for a luxurious getaway. Since Bangalore is surrounded by hills, there are some hill stations and small cities nearby that are worth checking out but if you are truly interested in seeking shelter in the arms of Mother Nature and want to explore the natural world and its many wonders, there is nothing better than a trip to a Wildlife Sanctuary.

One of the best and densest Wildlife Sanctuaries in India is located on the Western Ghats and is inhabited by a stunning array of natural life and scenic beauty. This is Dandeli, located on the banks of the Kali River and sometimes called the adventure sports capital of India. If you are interested in trying new things and spending time in the great outdoors, this is the perfect sanctuary for urban dwellers.

Located about 8 hours away from Bangalore by car, the road leading up to Dandeli is itself quite picturesque and dotted with interesting lookout points and rest stops. When you reach the jungles of Dandeli, you will see a vibrant explosion of trees, birds, animals and reptiles that are fascinating to observe and study.

Due to the unique geography and ample rainfall in Dandeli, many strange and idiosyncratic creatures have evolved in these fertile lands. The Black Panther is just one of the stunning animals that one can hope to spot inside the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Deer, Bison, beautiful birds, giant squirrels, woodpeckers, sloth bears and fierce crocodiles are some of the other wildlife on display.

Besides the jeep safari, you can also go on hikes and nature walks in the forest to see the flora and fauna up close and at your own speed. Dandeli is famous for its hiking trails, white water streams for river rafting, lazy coracle boat rides on the Kali River and kayaking in the Supa Dam. There are plenty of places here where you can watch, learn and participate in thrilling adventure sports as a way to interact with the natural world.

Dandeli is also famous for its tourist spots and historic monuments. These are obligatory for every true Dandeli fan to see at least once. From waterfalls and labyrinthine caves to ancient temples and industrial megaliths, there is a lot to do, experience and explore here for the full weekend and more. Depending on your interests and aspirations, you will surely find your tribe here.

Weekend Getaways Resorts from Bangalore

Staying in Dandeli for the weekend can be a little rough for city slickers. There are no international ultra-luxurious resorts here. Instead, there is a rich tradition of camping, staying in tents and roughing it out like the hunters and explorers of old. The environment is clean and healthy but teaming with life, which can take some getting used to.

One of the most comfortable and dependable resorts in Dandeli is the Starling River Resort located next to the river. This has been one of the oldest and most popular resorts that has become a staple for wildlife enthusiasts, thrill seekers and photographers. With a host of different accommodations, great food and evening campfires by the river, this is the ideal place to escape to for a weekend getaway.

The Starling River Resort offers 4 categories of rooms, namely River Premium Rooms, Luxury Cottages, River View Tents and River View Dormitories. The dormitories are an interesting option if you are travelling alone and willing to meet new people or if you are travelling in a large group and want to stay together. The view from the Dormitories and from most of the resort is nothing short of sublime.

Dandeli is so comfortable that one does not even have to plan much. You can spontaneously decide to make a beeline for this nature retreat whenever the mood hits you or whenever the opportunity arises. There is so much in Dandeli that your getaway is sure to be a blissful adventure and you will return to Bangalore refreshed and renewed. After just a few trips like this, you will begin to understand the benefits of the all-important weekend getaway.

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