Dandeli Resorts Price: How to Get The Best Deal

Dandeli is a popular tourist destination that welcomes thousands of tourists every month. There are two main types of visitors who come here: there are one time or “infrequent visitors” and then there are “frequent visitors” who are habitual explorers of the wonders of Dandeli. For them, and many other segments like single travellers and business travellers, getting the best Dandeli Resorts price is the priority. Lets take a look at the best deals around, how much they cost and how to find them.

While there are all kinds of resorts in Dandeli, seasoned travellers look for places that may not be the most luxurious but offer a dependable and comfortable standard of facilities and service along with a good view. They also look for a good location that makes it easy to get around and feel safe at night. Given these very basic requirements, one can get rates as low as Rs. 1700 per night that also include a meal at the resort.

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About Resorts in Dandeli

In the last decade, as Dandeli has grown in popularity, many hotels and resorts have come up here that offer varying degrees of amenities. Some of them are traditional hotels that offer standard luxury rooms while others are more innovative and offer luxury tents, cottages, dormitories and even raised tree-houses in the way of accommodations. Whatever your preference, chances are that Dandeli has you covered.

The price, however, is anything but standard. Depending on a multitude of factors, the amount that you end up paying for a resort in Dandeli can vary between amazing to extortionate. Therefore, it makes sense to do your research well and look around before you book your stay.

When booking a resort, the first decision that visitors have to make is choosing between one that is in the city or one that is located in the lap of nature. For most visitors, a good location amid the abundant natural beauty of Karnataka would be preferable. After all, this is the reason why people come here and it would be a shame to come all the way and stay in a normal city hotel.

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The second factor is how luxurious you want your resort to be. While there is no end to creature comfort, most Dandeli enthusiasts are not looking for something overly luxurious, as they will spend most of their time in the wilderness anyway. Instead, they are looking for a place that is not walled in and provides easy access to the forests and riverside.

Lastly, you should decide if you are looking for accommodations only or if you want to avail a package deal that includes everything. Package deals can be extremely convenient as they allow you to explore the destination fully without having to hunt for a good place to dine everyday. Once your stay, meals and basics are covered, you can focus on what’s really important without wasting time and money.

Finding the right resort

Once you know what you are looking for, you can begin your search for that perfect resort that is just right for you and may become your permanent haunt in Dandeli. The two best ways to search is either on the internet or by asking long-time visitors and Dandeli enthusiasts. It may take some trial and error before you find one that you are fully satisfied with.

If you are searching on the internet, it is important to verify your information. There are many half-truths and exaggerations online, so you should always read the reviews and look at photos before you make your final decision. You can also look at a map to see if the location suits you geographically and is compatible with your needs.

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Once you have identified a resort of your liking, there are several ways to go about making your booking. The best way is to check out their website and then contact them directly for the best rate. If you go through intermediaries, you will be paying the additional cost of commission, directly or indirectly.

By contacting the resort directly, you can also get verified and accurate information and can use their expert advice. Many hotels and resorts will also tell you about deals that are “off the menu” and customize packages to better suit you. If price is a factor for you, they can tell you dates and packages that will work out best.

Pocket Friendly Resorts

One of the best resorts in Dandeli that offers comfortable stays, a great location, competitive pricing and great Packages is the Starling River Resort. It is located next to the Kali River and has packages starting from just Rs. 1700 per person. If you want to visit this region often, you can make Starling Resort a convenient base to explore the area.

Dandeli Resorts Price

Starling Resorts has a great infinity swimming pool, a renowned restaurant called River Deck and a number of great options for accommodations including regular Deluxe Rooms, Luxury Tents, Dormitories and more. All in all, it is a shining example of a great property with a great Dandeli resort price.







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