Is Dandeli Safe for Girls?

Dandeli is a beautiful tourist town in Karnataka. It is a popular hub for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and vacationers because it is ideally located, easily accessible and exceedingly safe for all kinds of travellers. In fact, it is so safe that many girls come here by themselves or in groups without any problems.

Since tourism is a big part of the local economy, the authorities and the local population are extremely sensitive to the needs of tourists and work very hard to ensure that they do not face any problems or hassles. This is because a single incident could destroy the fledgling tourist economy and negate years of hard work.

The town is also very safe because the native people of Karnataka are very cultured, well mannered and educated. They are extremely respectful of women and take any harassment or inconvenience towards women very seriously. The culture of Karnataka is also very open-minded and in their culture women have the freedom to do as they please and dress however they want to.

Due to the large number of tourists who come here, the police and law enforcement officials are highly trained and well equipped. There are several police stations in Dandeli and the police is very quick to respond to any complaints or calls for help. There is even a separate police station for the town and another one for the rural areas with different capabilities and resources.

The numerous staff at the many resorts in Dandeli is also very well prepared to handle any kind of emergency. Since all the resorts have their own security teams, guards, and security cameras, there is a good arrangement for security everywhere you go. There are always people around, even at odd hours and the overall atmosphere is very wholesome and inviting.

Best Practices for Safe Travel

Even though Dandeli is extremely safe, one should always take proper precautions while travelling. There are a few simple ground rules that should always be followed, regardless of how safe the area or how posh the resort. Lets review some of the most basic precautions that we should all take while travelling to a foreign city.

  1. Do not carry cash: Cash is always dangerous because it can be stolen without trace. Nowadays, there are many ways to pay using cards, UPI etc., which are accepted everywhere. Therefore, you should always limit the amount of cash you carry, hide it in different places and do not tell anyone how much you have.
  2. Do not antagonize the locals: One of the golden rules of travel is that you should never provoke the locals. Do not speak ill of the place, always follow the local rules and traditions and do not damage or disrespect their land. While the natives have a responsibility to take care of guests, visitors also have a responsibility to be good guests.
  3. Do not trust people blindly: While it is fun to meet people and make friends while travelling, it is important not to trust too much too quickly. Allow the relationship to build gradually and do not put yourself in a vulnerable position by following your new friend blindly to remote locations. If possible, always socialize in well-lit public places.
  4. Be in touch: If you are far away from home, you should always let family and friends know where you are and how you are doing. You can use email, WhatsApp messages and social media to stay be in touch and give regular updates of your whereabouts to ensure that you are traceable in case of any accident, mishap or emergency.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings: Most travel mishaps happen because tourists get so excited on seeing new things during their travels that they forget to take the basic precautions. The single biggest general rule for travelers for staying safe is to always be aware of your surroundings and mindful of what is happening. This will ensure that you never have an accident or mishap.

Where to stay in Dandeli

To stay safe, it is also important to stay at a place that is well known and trusted. Avoid little known and unlicensed establishments even though they might be cheaper or promise special benefits. Always check the past reviews and take a tour around the property to identify any hazards before checking in.

One great property in Dandeli that is well known and has a good track record is the Starling River Resort located close to the Kali River. This resort has hosted thousands of guests and groups and has a good reputation for safety and security. It is also ideally located amidst lush forests with great views.

The Starling River Resort offers many different types of accommodations for guests including deluxe rooms, dormitories, tents and more. The resort also has a good understanding of local events, activities and traditions. It offers excursions into the wildlife sanctuary and other spots for adventure sports. With proper planning and organization, this is a great resort for solo female travelers or a girls trip.



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