Rejuvenate in Nature: Resorts near Mangalore That You Must Visit

Mangalore or Mangaluru was once the gateway to India. It was here that the ancient traders from Europe first landed and became enchanted with the land of milk and honey that was later named India. The seafarers were instantly mesmerized by the wide array of potent herbs and spices that grew here in the wild, including cashew and coffee.

A steady and profitable trade began to flourish, whereby European ships would make a daring and dangerous trip around the Cape of Good Hope to dock in Mangalore and buy spices in gold. Due to this trade, Mangalore developed quickly and became rich in culture, history and architecture, making it a must-see place for everyone.

The ancient port city of Mangalore was famous all over the ancient world and references to this city can be found in the literature of Arabic, Persian and European traders and travellers. Located on the western coast of India with easy access to the Arabian Sea, the city continues to be a major port even today that contributes heavily to India’s exports.

Why visit Mangalore

Mangauru has some wonderful beaches and an abundance of natural beauty that is worth witnessing. Its crystal clear waters, silvery beaches and moderate climate have long attracted sailors and travellers from near and afar to its lush coast. Many of them subsequently made this tropical paradise their home. Today, Mangalore is a bustling and cosmopolitan resort town that receives a heavy traffic of tourists throughout the year.

Besides its natural beauty, there are also many interesting historical monuments and temples here that are key to understanding the city and its unique heritage. Chief amongst them is the Mangaldevi Temple, which gives the city its modern name. Also, the Rosario Cathedral, Milagres Church, Swami Vivekanand Planetarium, Tipu Sultan Tower and Mahatma Gandhi Park are popular with tourists.

But what really attracts people to Mangalore is its unique culture, amazing food and many festivals. It is during these festivals, like Mangaluru Dasera, that Mangalore really comes to life. A whole other side of the city, which is usually hidden from sight comes to light and puts on a dazzling show that must be seen to be believed.

Best Itinerary for Mangalore

If you are visiting Mangalore, it is best to keep 2-3 days free to visit some really interesting places nearby. After spending a few days in the city, one can visit some of the neighboring areas, which are rife with culture, wildlife, fun activities and natural beauty. One such spot is the Adyar Waterfall, which is located only 12 Kms from the city and can be covered in a day trip.

Another good destination nearby is Dandeli, a popular and trendy tourist retreat that is famous for its wildlife sanctuary and many adventure sports such as Kayaking, Mountain Climbing, River Rafting and Trekking. Located about 6 hours away from Mangalore, Dandeli can be the second half of your trip, away from the city and tucked inside the lush jungles of Karnataka, for a truly refreshing and rejuvenating time in the lap of nature.

For residents of Mangalore, Dandeli is one of the best places to visit near Mangalore. Regardless of if you are going there for a weekend getaway or a long vacation, this beautiful and fun town has everything you are looking for.

Resorts near Mangalore

If you are travelling to Dandeli, do not miss the Jungle Safari. This is a long drive through the protected Wildlife Sanctuary located here that takes you into the interiors of the jungle where you can spot many different species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. With luck, you can also spot a black panther, which is native to this region and spectacular to behold.

If you are the adventurous kind of traveler, Dandeli is for you. The River Kali runs to the north of Dandeli and provides ample opportunity for adventure activities and sports. This includes River Rafting, a fun and adventurous group sport that involves navigating a fast flowing stream in an inflated raft and a team of people to help you.

The best place to stay in Dandeli is the Starling River Resort. This is a tried and tested resort on the banks of the river Kali that affords some amazing views, comfortable accommodations, interesting activities and the warm hospitality that is the trademark of the people in this region. It also has an amazing pool and an in-house restaurant called the River Deck that overlooks the Kali River and serves delicious finger food along with authentic multi-cuisine dishes.

Generally acknowledged as the best resort in Dandeli and also one of the best resorts near Mangalore, this property is popular with the young and adventurous crowd that hangs around these parts in the wintertime and forms an integral part of its socio-economic fabric. With a number of interesting things to see and discover, it is the perfect way to end your vacation in Karnataka.





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