Dandeli River Rafting: Price, Location, Booking & Package

One of the most exciting and entertaining rushes of adrenalin that can be legally had in India is White Water Rafting. Simply strap yourself to a semi-inflated orange life-jacket, pick out 3-4 teammates that you can trust blindly and jump into the Kali River in Karnataka, armed with only a rickety raft and a plastic paddle.

When you feel the strong current of the river Kali beneath your feet, you will experience a profound and everlasting change in your brain chemistry. Suddenly, the forces of nature, long estranged from your psyche and known only as an abstraction, will come crashing in and make room for itself in your being. Make no mistake; you will learn a new respect for mother nature in the first few minutes of itself.

From here on out, Dandeli River Rafting is a battle for survival for you and your teammates. This is not an idle claim but a stark warning. The strength and speed of the water is deceptively sufficient to overpower your navigational efforts and overturn your raft on a whim on a collection of jagged rocks.

To avoid impact, you will have to work very hard and use all your strength, stamina and wits to stay afloat as the river carries you along and throws you around like a rag doll. The secret is to anticipate the river’s every move and get paddling before the obstacle even appears.

Failing this. amateurs will feel a sudden chill as your raft overturns and a thousand gallons of cold water come gushing towards you while you flail in the foamy waters and try to orient yourself.

If your raft does overturn or if you are thrown clear, be mindful of crocodiles that are quick to lock their jaws on Rafter’s ankles and other tender parts to drag them underwater and drown them. This saves the crocodile the trouble of having to physically kill its prey and thus conserve valuable energy and time.

If you do survive, make sure that you deflate the lifejacket for easy transportation and return all the equipment after cleaning them thoroughly. Repeat as required.

To avoid catastrophe, one should stay at a resort that one in comfortable in. Two standard torchbearers of this area are the Starling River Resort and The Century Resort. Both has excellent first aid facilities, helpful staff and comfortable rooms.

Both resorts offer Rafting at reasonable prices. The price can vary from about Rs.900 to Rs. 2500, not including transportation costs. These resorts tend to charge around Rs. 1500 and are happy to tailor the experience depending on your needs and level of bravery. Both resorts are located near the Kali River and only a short drive away from the main Rafting stretch that runs from Ganeshgudi to Moulangi. Happy Rafting!

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