Discover Best Places to Visit near Hubli for 1 day

Hubli is an interesting place to visit. It is the second largest city in Karnatataka after Mumbai and the second largest commercial center in the state. It is also called little Mumbai or “Chota Mumbai” because it has a lot of business and administrative offices along with a vibe that is reminiscent of old Mumbai. However, unlike Mumbai, there are a lot of interesting places to visit near Hubli for 1 day that makes coming here a pleasure.

If you are in town for business or if you live in Hubli, you can easily take a 1 day trip and explore some truly extraordinary destinations in the vicinity.  Depending on your interests, you can visit pristine forests, breathtaking waterfalls, hundreds of temples and many ancient and historic forts. Let’s take a closer look at Hubli and some nearby destinations.

Travelling to Hubli

Traveling to Hubli is easy as there is an airport, train station and several bus stations here that connect to all the major towns and cities in the area. The Hubli Airport serves both Hubli and its twin city Dharwad and is located on Gokul Road about 8 Kms away from the Hubli City Center. The Hubi Junction Railway Station and 4 other stations serve the city for easy travel by train.

Going to Hubli by road is also very easy because it lies on the “Golden Quadrilateral” and is connected by three major highways: Asian Highway 47, National Highway 63 and the National highway 218. This makes it easy to get to Hubli by car and also makes it possible to visit the nearby tourist attractions scattered around the city.

Places near Hubli

From Hubli, you have many options for a day trip or an overnight trip. For a visit to the beach, Gokarna is highly recommended while Dandeli is the ideal place for spending time in a protected forest reserve. Dandeli also has a lot of adventure sports and activities that are popular with people from all over India and the world who come here to get an adrenalin rush. Here are some of the best destinations neat Hubli:

Dandeli: One of the best places to visit near Hubli is the town of Dandeli located at the edge of the Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary. This place has become famous as a hub for adventure activities and for jungle safari and offers excellent arrangements for tourists. The Kali river flows through this town, making it a fertile and bio diverse area that houses many rare and beautiful creatures. It is only about 70 Kms. away fro, Hubli and is easy to reach.



Gokarna: Known for its legendary beaches and pristine environment, Gokarna is the best place to visit if you are looking for a seaside experience. Located only about 150 Kms from Hubli, this amazing seaside town will take your breath away with its natural beauty and well maintained public places. Om Beach is specially famous for surfing but there are a number of other great beaches here including Gokarna Beach. For the spiritually inclined, the Sri Mahabaleshwar Temple is a popular pilgrimage spot here that gives Gokarna a holy vibe.

Hampi: This temple complex has great historical and cultural significance as it is located inside the remains of the ancient city of Vijayananagara,  which was the capital of the old Vijayananagara Empire that ruled these parts for many centuries and gave its cultural identity. There are a number of temples here along with some beautiful buildings with intricate carvings and ancient architecture. If you are interested in ancient monuments, you will love Hampi.

Sirsi: If you like hill stations and great views, you will love Sirsi. It is a hill station in Karnataka located about 2000 ft. above sea level. It is covered by lush forests and is considered a premium destination in the area. There are a number of beautiful waterfalls and lookout points here including the Gudavi Bird Sanctuary and the Marikamba Temple. You can easily visit this place from Hubli as it is only about a 100 Kms away by road.

Where to Stay

If you are looking for a suitable resort for your 1 day trip, you may want to consider the Century Resort in Dandeli. This resort close to Hubli and offers comfortable rooms along with a great location for guests coming here for adventure sports, photography or to visit the wildlife sanctuary. From here, you can easily visit the Kali Tiger Reserve and other protected areas where tourists go to spot large game like panthers, cheetahs and tigers.

Places to visit near Hubli for 1 day

The Century Resort is especially recommended if you are travelling in a big group or with family as it has some interesting room categories such as family rooms, large tents and even dormitories. With a festive and wholesome atmosphere and a great setting, it is perfect for a family vacation or team building trip. From here, one can also participate in adventure sports for a fun and active vacation.


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