Syntheri Rocks: What to Expect | Timings | Tips

Nature creates some truly mysterious and fascinating formations that make you wonder if there is an all powerful, intelligent force behind it all. If you like to explore the natural world and see natural attractions, you should definitely visit Syntheri Rocks in Dandeli, Karnataka.

Ever since Dandeli blossomed as a tourist destination, Syntheri Rocks has been an important part of the circuit of natural attractions that nature lovers love to visit, along with Sathodi Falls, Kavala Caves, Shiroli Peak, Kali Wildlife Sanctuary and Sykes Point. It is also very popular with naturalists and photographers who come to Dandeli for its unique natural attractions like Syntheri Rocks.

How to Get There

Dandeli is a popular tourist town that is easy to get to. It is well connected by road and also has a Bus Station and Train Station. There is an Airport located nearby in Hubli and it is also within driving distance from Goa and Bangalore. The best way to get to there is by car because the drive is quite picturesque and this allows you to be mobile once you have reached Dandeli.

You can visit Dandeli at any time and during any season. However, the summers can be very hot and the rainy season can bring forth heavy downpours, humidity and flooding. However, each season has its own charm and offers unique opportunities to view different species of wildlife. Regardless of when you visit, you are sure to have a fascinating time in Dandeli.

What to Expect

Don’t expect a grand reception or five star treatment when you visit Syntheri Rocks. The approach road is not very well maintained or correctly marked and there is no Tourist Office or Guide to help you. You have to park a little way away from the Rocks and then take a short and enjoyable hike to the beauty spot. Upon reaching the spot, you have go down a flight of stairs to the base to get a good view.

There is also not much in the way of restaurants or eateries here and it is best to pack a lunch or picnic basket and take beverages along with you if you are visiting for an extended period. Once there, you are free to explore the surroundings and take pictures of the interesting landscapes and unique topography of the region. For naturalists, it is very interesting to understand hoe these rocks were formed and why some of them are hollow.

The rock formations are said to have formed millions of years ago due to a volcanic eruption and were discovered by a British Lady called Cintheria. This is how this place got its name and it soon became a popular spot for tourists. The composition of these rocks is mostly limestone and they are weathered in interesting patterns due to the flowing waters nearby.

Timing, Tickets and Tips

The Syntheri Rocks are open from 9 am to 5 pm and there is a nominal charge of Rs. 20 for visitors. One can visit the spot at anytime but sometimes, the location may be closed off if there is a threat of flooding or other natural calamities. The spot is about 29 Kms from Dandeli and takes about half and hours to 45 minutes to reach.

Most people spend about 2-3 hours here, depending on their schedule, and then go on to the next place on their itinerary. Visitors are requested not to damage these ancient rock formations and not leave litter or other waste materials around the site. The jungles in the area are also worth exploring but one should look out for critters, pigeons and other animals that live here.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of good resorts in Dandeli for a weekend or weeklong stay but the tried and tested place here is the Starling River Resort. It is one of the best and most comfortable places to stay and offers 4 different Room Categories including River Facing Deluxe Rooms, River Facing Tents, Luxury Cottages and Dormitories.

The Luxury Cottages are perfect if one desired solitude and privacy where as the Dormitories are designed for solo travellers or for big groups that want to stay together. The Tents are also an interesting experience as one gets the advantages of living in a tent but still have all the luxuries and comforts that one expects on a vacation.

The stunning Infinity Pool at the property and their landmark restaurant called River deck are amongst the reasons why tourists flock to the resort and give it a high rating. The resort is also ideally located to allow guests to go on excursions to see the many interesting places in and around town including the famous Syntheri Rocks.






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