Exploring the Adventure in Dandeli National Park

One of the best places in India for Jungle Safari is Dandeli National Park. This is a little known and underappreciated Wildlife Sanctuary hidden away in the hills of western Karnataka that is a must-see for all nature lovers. Despite its relative obscurity, it is a well-protected and well-endowed park with a rich biodiversity of plant and animal life.

The jungles of Karnataka along the Western Ghats provide the perfect geography and climate for wildlife to flourish. The Ghats protect the forests from storms and adverse weather conditions while the rain and River Kali nourish it with water. The mountains also provide different elevations where different species can thrive.

About Dandeli National Park

Dandeli National Park was formed in 2007 by combining Anshi Nature Reserve and several other smaller protected areas with the aim of protecting tigers and other endangered species. Today, the Dandeli National Park covers 835 square kilometers and is home to some of the most stunning and captivating creatures in the world.

The forests of Dandeli are an eclectic mix of dense deciduous trees along with Bamboo and Teak plantations. The fertile soil and the resulting thick lush forests are the perfect cover under which a plethora of wild animals, birds, reptiles and plants can flourish. Regular rainfall and a number of ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and marshes in the area help in sustaining the ecosystem.


The Flora and Fauna of Dandeli National Park

The flora and fauna found at Dandeli National Park is distinctly different from the ones found in the jungles of north India or the ones in the east. The species of plant life found here include: Eucalyptus, Tectona grandis, Grevillea robusta, T. bellerica, Adina cordifoliaMitragyna parvifloraAcaciaXylia xylocarpa and different varieties of orchids.

Dandeli National Park is famous for birds. Bird species found here include: the Malabar Pied Hornbill, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Malabar Trogan, Black-naped Monarch, Orange Minivet, Dark-fronted Babbler and other rare and interesting birds. The Hornbill is probably the most famous bird in this area.

There are also a large number of animals found in the reserve. These include: the Sloth Bear, the Indian Pangolin, the Giant Malabar Squirrel, Dhole, the Indian Jackal and the Muntjac (Barking Deer). Also found here are the Indian Elephant, Tigers, Black Panthers and reptiles such as the King Cobra and the Mugger Crocodile.


How to Visit

The best way to reach Dandeli is by road. It is only about 10 hours from Mumbai, 8 hours from Pune, 8 hours from Bangaluru and 2 and a half hours from Goa. The drive itself is very pretty and takes you through jungles, plantations and open fields. Going by car also allows you to be fully mobile once you are in Dandeli.

If you live far away, you can fly down to Belgaum, which is about 90 kms away and then take a cab or arrange for your resort to pick you up. You can also go to Dandeli by Train, as there is a train station in nearby Londa, Dharwad and Hubli.

Once you arrive in Dandeli, it is best to ask the resort to help you organize a trip to the National Park. The park is open to all from 6 am to 10 pm but to get the full experience, one must book a jeep that takes you into the park and a good guide to show you around.


Where to Stay

The Century Resort is one of the best resorts in Dandeli. Located near the River Kali, on the edge of the jungle, this resort provides comfortable rooms, amazing food, great service and a relaxing pool. It is also well versed in organizing Wildlife Safaris and other adventure sports and activities for guests.

Over the years, this resort has established itself as the most dependable and trusted name for tourists, thrill seekers and animal lovers alike. It also offers interesting accommodation choices like tents, outdoor camps, dormitories and family rooms for different types of visitors.


If you are visiting Dandeli for the wildlife, the Starling Century Resort is your best bet. Make sure you book early and let the resort know if you have any special needs or preferences. The resort is known for its service and will surely help you have a magical and enchanting time in the wilderness.


Frequently asked Questions:


1. What is Dandeli National Park famous for?

Ans. Dandeli National park is famous for housing a large number of bird species along with many mammals, reptiles, amphibians and plant life. It is especially known to be the home of the Malabar Hornbill, Indian Elephants, Crocodiles, Tigers and Black Panthers.

2.Where is Dandeli National Park situated?

Ans. Dandeli National park is situated in Western Karnataka, near the town of Dandeli.

3.Which National Park is near Dandeli Karnataka?

Ans. The Dandeli National Park is located near Dandeli, Karnataka. This Park was formed in 2007 by combining the Anshi Nature Reserve and several other smaller protected areas with the aim of protecting tigers and other endangered species.

4.What is the entry fee for Dandeli National Park?

Ans. There is a nominal fee of Rs. 40 for Indian nationals and Rs. 80 for foreigners for visiting the Dandeli National Park. However, renting a jeep to travel in the park costs extra.

5.Where I can stay in Dandeli while taking the trip?

Ans. One of the best places to stay in Dandeli while visiting the Dandeli National Park is the Starling Century Resort located. Located near the River Kali, at the edge of the jungle, this resort provides comfortable rooms, amazing food, great service and a relaxing pool.


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