Kayaking in Dandeli

Kayaking in Dandeli – Adventurous Activity in Dandeli

Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable and fun-loving hobbies that one can have. It is an
age-old form of transportation that is popular all over the world and is a fun way to relax,
explore and improve your physical and mental health. In India, Kayaking in Dandeli is very
popular and you must try it.

Kayaking in Dandeli

What is Kayaking?

The art of travelling in a Kayak is called Kayaking. A Kayak is a special kind of boat that is
narrow and lightweight and is powered by one, two or three individuals paddling or rowing
with a special double-bladed paddle. The unique design of the boat makes it a surprisingly
fast and agile craft that can be manoeuvred effectively by experienced Kayakers.

When did Kayaking start?

Kayaking is an ancient sport that was invented by the Eskimos and people living in the arctic
regions. The narrow design of the boat makes it safe to use in waters that are infested with
fish and floating pieces of ice while its wooden body insulates against the cold.

The word Kayak means “hunter” in the Eskimo language and it is believed that Kayaks were
invented to help them hunt seals. Depending on the skill of the paddler, a Kayak can be
surprisingly versatile and can negotiate almost any kind of water body in any kind of

Kayaking can be done in the still waters of a placid river, lake or sea but can also be used to
traverse rapid, fast-flowing streams. It is advisable to first learn the basics of Kayaking in
relatively calm waters before trying your hand at more challenging streams and rivers.

How do I learn Kayaking?

The best way to learn Kayaking is to simply do it. Dandeli Kayaking is open for most of the
year and anyone can participate in this activity in the calmer parts of the Kali River or in the
many lakes and reservoirs in and around Dandeli.

The only equipment that is required is the Kayak itself, a special, lightweight, double-sided
paddle, a helmet for safety, a lifejacket or other floatation device and a wetsuit to protect
against the cold and small branches.

One of the first things you will learn is how to get in and get out of the Kayak. This can be
tricky as the craft is very light and nimble and can capsize if you are not careful. In the
beginning, students are helped with the craft by experienced guides who show them how to
do so without capsizing or getting wet.

Once you are in the Kayak, it is simply a matter of getting used to the craft. Within the first
few hours of Kayaking, you will get a good idea about how this unique craft functions and
what not to do to upset its delicate balance.

Although guides can help you and teach you the proper technique, Kayaking is all about
practice. The more experience you have in different conditions and locations, the better you
will get at manoeuvring the boat and navigating it around bends and curls.

Kayaking in Dandeli is a delight because you can explore the Kali River and the rich
ecosystem of flora and fauna that blossoms along its shores. With your Kayak, you can hunt
for good places for bird watching and vantage points for good views of this natural

Where can I stay in Dandeli when I go Kayaking?

Dandeli is a wonderful tourist destination and there are a number of good resorts in Dandeli
that are suitable for Kayakers. The best option is to choose a resort that is close to the Kali
River and offers special packages for Kayaking.

One such resort is the Starling River Resort, which is an old staple for adventure seekers.
The resort is located on the banks of the Kali River and organizes excursions for interested
parties. The resort offers all types of accommodations are the staff is very well-trained and

To get the most out of your experience, it is important to plan your trip and check weather
conditions ahead of time. It is also a good idea to book your Kayaking excursion in advance
and clarify any doubts you may have about the resort. With a little bit of care and patience,
you will soon be kayaking your way to health and happiness!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is Kayaking safe in Dandeli?

Ans. Yes. Kayaking is completely safe if it is done using safety equipment (like a life vest, helmet,
or wetsuit) and supervised by a trained professional.

Q2. Can a beginner do Kayaking?

Ans. Yes. Beginners and amateurs can do Kayaking in Dandeli. No license, permit or certification
is required. However, beginners are advised to stay close to shore and Kayak in still waters
before going into rapids or fast streams.

Q3. What is the cost of kayaking?

Ans. A single Kayaking session costs around Rs. 250-500, including the cost of renting the
equipment but not including the cost of transportation to the site.

Q4. What is the difference between Kayaking and Canoeing?

Ans. Although Kayaks and Canoes are both boats, there are some important differences between
these crafts. A Kayak is smaller, nimbler and narrower than a Canoe. A kayak is also more
manoeuvrable while a Canoe is more stable and tougher to capsize.

Another important difference is in the paddle or oar that is used. A Kayak has a two-bladed
oar, which can be used on both sides of the craft by using a twisting motion whereas a
Canoe has a single-bladed oar.

Q5. What is the difference between Rafting and Kayaking?

Ans. A Raft is an inflatable boat for many people, while a Kayak is a narrow wooden boat used by
one, two or three people.

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