Kali River: Location, Adventure & Facts

The Kali River is a majestic and beautiful river that stretches over 180 glorious kilometers. Over its course, it creates stunning lakes, ponds, waterfalls and rapids and irrigates the many fields and forests along its banks. It is a veritable lifeline for hundreds of thousands of people who live along its length.

The Kali River provides drinking water, irrigation, freshwater fish, transportation and electricity, among other things, for the communities nestled near it therefore it is revered by the locals.

The river is usually calm and peaceful but when it passes through the south of Dandeli, it becomes turbulent and creates rapids which is ideal for River Rafting and becomes host of other adventure sports.


Where is the Kali River?

The Kali River is in Karnataka. It rises near Kushavali in Uttar Kannada and flows all the way to the Arabian Sea on the eastern coast of India. Over its course, it flows through Supa Dam, Supa Reservoir, the Bommanali Reservoir, Sathodi Waterfalls, Kodasalli Reservoir and then finally joins the Arabian Sea near the town of Karwar.

Along the way, it is joined by the Pandri River, Tattihala River, Kaneri River, Vuki Halla and several other small streams and tributaries that makes its water swell and grow. By the time it reaches the eastern coast of India, the Kali River is a behemoth force of nature.


Adventure Sports on the Kali River


Near Dandeli, the Kali River is at its most spectacular. It transforms into a fast-flowing network of rapid streams that are perfect for adventure sports. This area is close to the Kali Tiger Reserve and several other protected wildlife sanctuaries.

Visitors to Dandeli can go on Wildlife Safari but they can also participate in a host of other activities because of the Kali River, making Dandeli a popular tourist destination that is visited by thousands of people every year.

Dandeli has developed into a tourist town because of this opportunity for Boating, River Rafting, Kayaking, River Crossing, Grappling, Zip Lining and other such sports and activities. Now, it is an important hub and on the map for any serious adventurer or naturalist. Dandeli River Rafting is especially popular because it provides a high speed, high adrenaline ride that is perfect for a group to engage in. This activity also requires a specific type of flow, which the Kali River graciously provides.


Kali River Dandeli also leads into the Supa Reservoir, creating a man-made freshwater lake that is perfect for swimming and boating. The water level of this reservoir fluctuates wildly depending on the season and the amount released by the Supa Dam but at its peak, it is the ideal aquatic playground.

Thus we see that the Kali River is a boon, not just for the many people living close to it but also for the tourist town of Dandeli and anyone who wishes to enjoy the bounty of nature in an idyllic, picturesque setting.



Where to stay in Dandeli?


If you are traveling to Dandeli for a closer look at the Kali River, the Starling River Resort is amongst the best resorts in Dandeli. It is located right next to the Kali River and provides great views of the river and excellent opportunities to explore it.

The resort also offers a comfortable stay in a relaxed and fun atmosphere that is perfect for individuals, couples and large groups. At Starling, one can stay in dormitories, deluxe rooms, family rooms and tents.

The resort is also adept at helping guests organize trips to check out the wildlife, the Kali River and other tourist places in and around Dandeli. It is the perfect place to stay if you are interested in a riverside resort for a memorable experience.


Kali River, Dandeli


                                                                         Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1 Which river is known as Kali River?

Ans. The Sharda River is known as the Kali River. It is also called the Mahakali River and the Kali Ganga after the goddess Kali. However, there is another river in Uttar Kannada called the Kali River.

Q2 Why is Kali River famous?

Ans. Kali River is famous for being one of the longest and biggest rivers in Karnataka. It flows through the south of Dandeli and creates rapids and waterfalls that are ideal for River Rafting and other adventure sports.

Q3 Why is it called Kali River?

Ans.The Kali River is extremely dark in color due to natural sediments and minerals that it picks up along its course and also due to waste being dumped into the river by industries.

Q4 Which resorts in Dandeli are located near the Kali River?

Ans. The Starling River Resort and the Century Resort are located near the Kali River. These resorts also organize various excursions and adventure activities on the Kali River for tourists.

Q5 Which is the best restaurant near the Kali River?

Ans. The best restaurant near the Kali River is the River Deck Restaurant at the Starling River Resort in Dandeli. The restaurant provides delicious food, amazing beverages and great vie

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