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Where to stay on your next adventure trip to Dandeli, Karnataka

Dandeli is emerging as the most popular tourist destination in India for adventure sports, wildlife safari and camping. However, finding the right place to stay in Dandeli can be tricky. This guide will help you in finding appropriate accommodations that will suit your interest, budget and lifestyle.

Types of Accommodations

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodations in Dandelli. One can find luxury resort rooms in Dandeli, poolside rooms, riverside rooms, lakeside cottages, jungle properties, tents, camps, tree-houses, dormitories, guest houses and more. Depending on your needs, preferences and the purpose of your trip, you can easily find what you are looking for.

Riverview Accommodations

One of Dandeli’s chief attractions is the Kali River and its many tributaries and streams. Here, one can engage in exciting water sports, go swimming, go for hikes or admire the unique flora and fauna that sprouts up around these water bodies and hear the sounds of flowing water.

Dandeli offers the opportunity to stay nest to a river and get a scenic and calming view of the waters. One of the standard bearers of Dandeli is The Starling River Resort, which offers rooms, cottages and tents next to the Kali River with a magnificent view.

Lakeside accommodations

There are also many lakes and reservoirs in Dandeli and many lakeside accommodations. The Century Resort in Dandeli offers lakeside tents and rooms from which guests can enjoy a scenic view of a lake within the property and the surrounding greenery. There is also a Burma Bridge that guests can master.


Staying in tents is a great experience but can be a little rough. Fortunately, in Dandeli, there are luxury tents with attached bathrooms, modern amenities and room service that make the experience comfortable and more palatable. The Century Resort offers a variety of tents that will satisfy any traveller.

Jungle Camping

Besides staying in semi-furnished tents within the resort, there is also the option of staying in the wild. This is a great experience as it involves spending the night in the midst of wilderness and natural beauty.  Both Starling River Resort and The Century Resort organize camping in the legendary unspoiled wilderness of Dandeli.

Pool View Rooms

During most of the year, the weather in Dendeli is perfect for swimming. Many resorts in Dandeli have a swimming pool inside the resort and provide pool-facing views for easy access to the swimming pool, which is usually a hub of activity.

The Starling River Resort has one of the best infinity pools in the city that provides a scenic view of the Kali River. The pool is surrounded by rooms that look out on the pool as well as overlooking the unspoiled natural beauty around the resort.


Staying in a tree house is another great experience. These are accommodations that are built on tree trunks and stilts to provide the experience of living amongst the treetops. From a raised position, one can see extended beautiful views of the surrounding areas and also enjoy the fresh breeze of Dandeli.

Luxury Rooms

If one wants to relax in the lap of luxury, there are ample opportunities in Dandeli. One can avail of opulent, fully loaded rooms and suites at the Starling River Resort. They offer luxury suites for discerning travellers that are spacious and well designed with designer furniture and gadgets. In addition to this, they also have luxury packages that include special meals and activities.


Whether you are traveling by yourself or in a group, dormitories provide a unique experience that can be a lot of fun. If you are travelling alone and are looking to socialize, dorm rooms offer the opportunity to meet new people. If you are travelling in a group, dorms offer the opportunity of staying together and spending more time together on vacations without dividing up the group.

Both Starling and Century Resorts provides dormitories for groups and individuals that can be booked for short or long stays. The dormitories have an attached bathroom and are close to the Kali River for a wonderful view and easy access to water sports. Bon voyage!

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