Best Weekend Resorts Near Bangalore

Bangalore can be maddening. The hustle and bustle of this IT metropolis is well known and even on weekends, the city can get quite crowded and hectic. If you have already experienced the city’s nightlife and recreational spots, perhaps it is time to plan a getaway at a weekend resort near Bangalore.

One underrated destination near Bangalore that is well worth the visit is Dandeli. This is a scenic and beautiful resort town located on the banks of the Kali River at the edge of the dense forests of Karnataka. It is known for its natural beauty, wildlife safari, and adventure sports but also for its historical and cultural hotspots.

Why go to Dandeli?

Dandeli is one of the prettiest places in India. Nestled amidst the lush green jungles of Karnataka along the Western Ghats, it is home to a rich ecosystem of flora and fauna. In fact, Dandeli is located next to the Dandeli National Park, a protected area for wildlife safari.

Many people come here to look at the many rare species of birds, mammals and reptiles that inhabit this region. The jungles around Dandeli are home to the Black Panther, the Indian Elephant and even Tigers. To see the animals up close, one can go on a jeep safari into the jungles or on a river cruise.

Even if you are not into animals and wildlife, the scenic views and the natural setting can be a panacea for city dwellers. The restful, peaceful lifestyle and abundance of natural beauty have a therapeutic effect on the mind, body and soul alike. Add to this the wonderful local culture that is accepting, helpful and rich in tradition.

What to do in Dandeli?

As mentioned above, going on Wildlife Safari is a popular pastime here. One can go on a jeep safari into the natural park or take walks and treks by oneself or be accompanied by a guide to discover more about at this natural wonderland. Depending on what you are looking for, there are many guides who can assist you and many areas that you can explore.

Besides its wildlife, Dandeli is also known for its adventure sports. Over the years, this town has developed into a hub for River Rafting, Zip Lining, Outdoor Camping, River Crossing, Swimming, Trekking, Kayaking, Mountain Climbing, Boating and more. These activities are all the more fun in a pristine and interesting setting such as Dandeli.

River Rafting is perhaps the most popular activity here. In Dandeli, the Kali River breaks up into several tributaries and some of them are fast-flowing streams that are ideal for White Water River Rafting. This involves navigating the streams in an inflated raft while armed with only a paddle and a lifejacket. Although this sport is open to anyone, some of the harder routes require advanced training and can be quite thrilling.

Besides adventure sports, there are also a lot of cultural spots to visit in and around Dandeli. The Sri Dandelappa Temple and Ullavi Temple offer a peaceful ambiance and ancient historical knowledge. Here, one can pray, appreciate the architecture, and get to know more about the culture of Karnataka.

There are also a number of natural formations here there are interesting. Sathodi falls is a popular waterfall here where one can swim and the Shiroli Peak is atop a high mountain that affords breathtaking views all around. There is also a large dam here called the Supa Dam that is interesting for some.

Last but not least is the Shivaji Fort. This is an ancient fort built by Chhatrapati Shivaji himself. It is now in ruins but offers an incisive insight into a bygone era with its architecture and building style, which tells of wars and historical events. The fort is located about 25 Kms away from the town and to reach it, one has to make a short trek, which only adds to the experience.


Where to stay in Dandeli

The best place to stay in Dandeli during your weekend sojourn is the Starling Century Resort. This is a well-established and popular resort that is adept at hosting couples, families, friends and large groups. It is also known for its warm hospitality and for arranging special excursions and activities for its guests.

If you are staying at Century Resorts, the resort will help you plan your itinerary so that you can visit all the places you want to see and organize all the activities that you want to participate in. Overall, this is one of the best weekend resorts near Bangalore and well worth the visit.

If you are visiting Dandeli from Bangalore to take a break, the Century Resort is the ideal setting for you. Here, you can enjoy the natural beauty, wildlife, adventure sports and cultural spots of Dandeli in style and return to Bangalore recharged.

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